10 Ways to make money with canva 2024

Roshan Bilung

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Make Money Ideas with Canva 2024

Find out how to make money with Canva! Check out these 10 easy ways for kids to make money with their talent in 2024. Start making money right now!

Explore the world of making plans that fit your needs on Canva. People love unique planners for everything from finances to exercise, and you can sell them on sites like Etsy.

Printable Planners 

Did you know that Canva lets you make your own stuff and sell it? Look into the possibility of selling t-shirts, mugs, and other items with your name on them.

Merchandise Designs

Authors are always on the lookout for eye-catching eBook covers. Leverage Canva's design tools to create stunning covers and offer your services on freelancing platforms.

Design eBook Covers

It's an art to make puzzle feeds. Show people how to make their Instagram profiles look amazing, which will get them more followers and maybe even business chances.

Instagram Puzzle Feed Mastery

Canva has features that can be connected to other pages. Show people how to make interesting infographics for websites and talks, which will turn data into works of art.

Interactive Infographics

Thumbnails are critical on YouTube. Share tips on designing click-worthy thumbnails that increase video views and subscribers. So design and sell thumbnail to the market.

YouTube Thumbnail Designs

Help small businesses in your area build a strong online presence. Show people how to make professional business branding materials for local business owners.

Local Business Branding

As the number of online courses grows, show how Canva can be used to make interesting course materials that will appeal to both students and teachers.

Canva Digital Course 

Increase the success of your affiliate marketing by using images that look good. Show people how to make banners and social media posts that get people to click on them so you can get more results.

Affiliate Marketing Graphics

Find out how to make your own fonts on Canva, which is a tool with less attention. Find your creative side and sell unique fonts to a specific group of people.

Custom Fonts Creation